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SAMPLE COVER LETTER FOR Neonatal Nurse Practioner Jobs

Create a cover letter is the most important in finding jobs. We must be able to give information about ourselves clearly. Here we provide a sample cover letter for applying Neonatal Nurse Practioner Jobs. Good luck.
Sample Cover Letter for Neonatal Nurse Practioner Jobs
Job Application

Lauren Sanders
7779 Menata Ave Maria
Sopbornebon, Florida 34205

March 6th, 2009

Barbara Dea
Dept of Health Care Director
Medical Husada Consultants, Inc.
3806 Manatee Ave West
Bradenton, Florida 34205

Dear Mrs. Dea

I was excited to read about Neonatal Nurse Practioner job opening at Medical Husada Consultants, Inc.

I’m a graduate of an approved school of nursing and is currently licensed in Florida . I have 2 years of home health experience. One year of hospital experience in the field of Med/Surgical nursing.

In addition to my extensive experience, I have strong communication and Basic computer skills. My broad background makes me an excellent candidate for Neonatal Nurse Practioner position.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you to arrange an interview.


Your Signature

Lauren Sanders


1. Resume
2. Letter of recommendation

Hopefully Sample Cover Letter for Neonatal Nurse Practioner Jobs can help you achieve career.

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