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SAMPLE COVER LETTER FOR Environmental Compliance Specialist Jobs

Sample Cover Letter for Environmental Compliance Specialist Jobs
Job Application

Frank Lampard
4859 Ngeyel Street
La Palma, CA 94621

March 9th, 2009

Fernando Torres
Human Resources & Development Manager
BP Company
8292 Kipas Street
La Palma, CA 94621

Dear Mr. Torres

I was excited to read about Environmental Compliance Specialist job opening at BP Company.

I have completed a Bachelors degree from University of California. I have 3 years experience in retail operations Basic environmental compliance knowledge with the tasks and responsibilities focusing on:

* Carry out key objectives of the department on behalf of WC FVC & CR: protecting the environment, building relationships with regulatory agencies, supporting the Operations network.
* Through consistent measurement/management processes, ensure the permanent imbedding of environmental compliance programs and work processes at CR Retail sites.
* Work with local regulators to assure continuity of USCR compliance programs with regulatory expectations.
* Lead phases of continuous process improvement – identify those processes that have systemic problems and develop actions to correct them.
* Conduct at site and in-field compliance audits to measure the effectiveness of the programs and processes.
* Communicate existing best practices within and across districts/territories.
* Work with Manager to develop and/or improve operational programs that streamline site workload.
* Use market and/or store performance information to identify priority markets/sites to ensure compliance.
* Provide Operations with comprehensive diagnostics and plans to deliver performance improvement programs to at site and in-field programs.
* Support compliance to legal requirements and BP Health and Safety standards.
* Covering broader geographic territories in an environment of increasing Regulatory enforcement.

In addition to my extensive experience, I have Competencies in Performance Bias, Bias for action does things before being asked to or forced to by events, Skillful Taking the lead, Uses a range of styles to influence and gain enrolment, Skillful Partnership and Teamworking, Actively engages and respects contributions of others in face to face or virtual meetings, Mastery Wise Decisions, Anticipates future situations and plans ahead to meet them, Skillful Innovation, Looks for ways to do things better, faster, more efficiently, Skillful Retail Operations, Understanding Retail Standards and Processes. My broad background makes me an excellent candidate for Environmental Compliance Specialist position.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you to arrange an interview.


Your Signature

Frank Lampard


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Hopefully Sample Cover Letter for Environmental Compliance Specialist Jobs can help you achieve career.

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